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214                             This high speed single phase electric chain hoist offers the ability to lift heavy loads with ease
       GANTRY AND JIB CRANES                and precision. Light, compact, and powerful; this hoist can be easily installed, transported and
                                            High Speed Electric Chain Hoist
                                                                                    115V 1-PHASE STANDARD

                                            offers high lifting speed. Features include double braking system for added protection, heavy-duty
                                            motor for industrial applications, high performance friction clutch to prevent overwinding and
                                            corrosion-resistant nickel-plated load chain. Chain container included.
                                                                       FEET PER
                                                                                                 1 PHASE
                                                             1,050 lb.
                                            Air Powered Chain Hoists
                                            Heavy-duty air chain hoist can be used as a workstation hoist or as a production line hoist.
                                            Lightweight, rugged, and compact design - for ease of portability - makes this hoist perfect for
            model                           most air hoist lifting applications. Standard lift is 10' assuming 90 PSI air pressure. Variable flow,
                                            two (2) lever pendant for precise load spotting.
                                                MODEL        UNIFORM         LIFTING          LIFT        WEIGHT
                               series ACH      NUMBER        CAPACITY         F.P.M.          (FEET)     (POUND)
                             shown with optional
                              chain container  ACH-25        250 lb.           42              10          19
                                             ACH-50          500 lb.           29              10          28
                                             ACH-60          600 lb.           16              10          34
                                             ACH-100        1,000 lb.          11              10          34
                                             ACH-CC-C            CHAIN CONTAINER 4½"W x 3"L x 5½"H         2
                                            Drill Powered Hoist
                                New         Drill Powered Hoist for powered lifting in remote locations.  Hoist can be used in single or
                                            double line pull.  230 in-lb. input torque required for maximum lifting capacity.
                              model CSW-30     MODEL       CABLE      UNIFORM       GEAR       CABLE      WEIGHT
                                               NUMBER      SIZE       CAPACITY     RATIO       LENGTH    (POUND)
                                             CSW-30�       3/16"      1,200 lb.    103:1       40 foot     12
                                            Electric Mini Hanging Cable Hoists - Suspension Type
                                            Lightweight and compact design ideal for a wide range of applications for construction sites,
                                            rigging, warehouse, storage area, confined spaces and plumbing.  Easily mounts to most
                                            scaffolding and beams (secured with latch hook).  Robust design, strong steel construction and
                 New                        durable powder coated finish.  Dual braking systems provides instant and safe braking.  Built in
                                            raise/lower limit switch prevents excessive winding.  360° swivel hook with safety latch.  Thermal
                                            overload on the motor for added safety.  Quick disconnect power and hand control cord.  Low
               model EMH-3                  noise and smooth operation.   115V 1-PHASE STANDARD

                                               MODEL       LIFTING           CABLE          LIFTING SPEED  WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER       CAPACITY           SIZE         (FEET PER MINUTE)  (POUND)
                                             EMH-3          300 lb.          3/16"             60'          51
                                             EMH-5          500 lb.          3/16"             39'          62
                                             EMH-7          700 lb.          3/16"             39'          66
                                             EMH-10       1,000 lb.           1/4"             39'          74

                                            Mini Cable Hoists       115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
                                            Use in single-line and double-line lifting applications. Cable length is 36' when used as a
                                            single-line - 18' when used as a double-line. Includes electric motor and hand-held push button
                                            controls. Installation bracket will fit on 1⅝" round pipe or 1⅝" square tubing. Optional Swivel
                                            Hook Plate must be ordered for attaching hoist to a trolley (trolley not included). Hand pendant
                                            control cord is 5' long.
                                               MODEL      SINGLE-LINE      DOUBLE-LINE      LIFTING SPEED  WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER       CAPACITY         CAPACITY       (FEET PER MINUTE)  (POUND)
                                             MINI-2�        200 lb.          400 lb.           30'          26
                                             MINI-4�        400 lb.          800 lb.           30'          38
                               model MINI-2
                                             MINI-7�        750 lb.         1,500 lb.          30'          47
                                             MINI-10�      1,000 lb.        2,000 lb.          30'          83
                                            SWIVEL HOOK PLATE FOR MINI-2 OR MINI-4 ONLY, MODEL MINI-SH
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