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218                              Coil Lifter
       GANTRY AND JIB CRANES  COIL LIFTER    sized coils. Maximum coil diameter is 65¼", maximum coil length is 32⅝". The top  375

                                             The hoist mounted Coil Lifter has adjustable balance points to accommodate different
                                             adjusting bail allows the operator to insure level transportation of load. Compact for
                                             easy storage. Steel construction with blue painted finish.
                         model HDP-CL
                                                                                               1,500 lb.
                                             Overhead Coil Hooks
                                             Designed for lifting heavy coils with an overhead lifting device. Easily position
                                             coils from horizontal to vertical position. Steel construction with yellow baked-in
                       COIL HOOK             powder-coated toughness.
                       model CH-10-6
                                                 MODEL      LIFTING    MAXIMUM     MAXIMUM   MINIMUM COIL  WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER      CAPACITY   COIL WIDTH  COIL RADIAL  INSIDE DIAMETER  (POUND)
                                              CH-10-6      1,000 lb.     6"          13"         9"         22
                                              CH-10-12     1,000 lb.     12"         13"         13"        28
                                              CH-20-8      2,000 lb.     8"          16"         10"        25
                                             Bar Stock Material Positioners
                                             Bar stock material positioners includes two adjustable-width lifting arms.  Lifting arm width is
                                             adjustable in 6" increments along entire span.  Lifting arm usable height is 18" while the length
                                             is 12".  Arms are sloped back for material retention.  Features adjustable overhead lifting bale
                                             for leveling load.
                                                  MODEL      MAXIMUM     MINIMUM     OVERALL    UNIFORM   WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER      ARM WIDTH  ARM WIDTH    WIDTH      CAPACITY  (POUND)
                       model MATL-72
                                              MATL-72          72"        24"         78"       2,000 lb.  186
                                              MATL-120         120"       24"         126"      2,000 lb.  280
                                              MATL-144*        144"       24"         150"      2,000 lb.  320
                                              MATL-ARM                    EXTRA LIFTING ARM                 35
                                             *LIQUID PAINT FINISH

                                             Heavy Duty Load Lifter
                                             Designed for lifting uneven awkward sized loads. Adjust bail position left or right by turning
                                             hand crank. Includes chains for connecting to load (connector links and hooks are not included).
                                             For use with overhead lifting device (sold separately). Steel construction with painted finish.

                                                MODEL         OVERALL SIZE       CHAIN       UNIFORM     WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER         (W x H x D)       LENGTH      CAPACITY    (POUND)
                                              HDLL-15�     25½" x 12½" x 7 /16"   42"        1,500 lb.     18

                                             Spreader Beam Roll Lifter
                                             Adjustable roll lifter utilizes your overhead hoist to position roll material.  Ideal when
                                             headroom is limited.  Designed to meet ASME B30.20.  Width is adjustable on 4"
                                             increments.  Includes two (2) four foot polyester lifting slings, looped ends.

                                                 MODEL                   MAXIMUM    CORE ROD   UNIFORM    WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER     DESCRIPTION  ROLL LENGTH   SIZE     CAPACITY   (POUND)
                                              SBRL-25     ROLL LIFTER     6 ft.      2½"       2,500 lb.   280
                                              SBRL-40     ROLL LIFTER     6 ft.      2½"       4,000 lb.   350
                                              SBRL-80*    ROLL LIFTER     8 ft.      2¾"       8,000 lb.   520
                                             *LIQUID PAINT FINISH

                        model SBRL-25
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