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160                              Turntables with Powered Height Adjustment
       PACKAGING EQUIPMENT                   an ergonomic height. Each unit has a 360° manual turntable. DC powered with a lithium battery

                                             Turntables with Powered Height Adjustment allow the operator to raise or lower the turntable to
                                             and hand control for height adjustment and features an on-board charger.  Hand held pendant
                                             control connects to power unit with a coil cord.  Height is adjusted with a linear-actuator. Rugged
                                             /16" steel plate construction.
                                                                        26 /16" to 42 /16"
                                                                                            750 lb.
                                                                        27 /16" to 42 /16"
                                                                                            750 lb.
                                                                        27 /16" to 42 /16"
                       model TT-N-30-LA
                                             Powered Turntables      115V 1-PHASE STANDARD  750 lb.       290
                                             Powered Turntables help keep tedious material handling at your fingertips. Easy, smooth,
                                             clockwise rotation for hundreds of applications. Rotation speed is non-adjustable. These Powered
                                             Turntables are wired to 115V, 1-phase. An on/off selector switch is incorporated with a 3' cord
                                             that provides power to the unit. A side skirt to protect items from getting into the rotating
                                             mechanism is standard. Rugged  /16" steel plate construction.
                        model PT-250
                      Operates on 115V AC.     MODEL                              UNIFORM                WEIGHT
                Other capacities available, contact factory.
                                               NUMBER    DIAMETER     HEIGHT      CAPACITY     R.P.M.    (POUND)
                                             PT-100        12"        5 /32"      100 lb.      3-1/2       28
                                             PT-250        18"        6 /16"      250 lb.       3          50
                                             PT-750        18"         6 /2"      750 lb.       2          66
                                             OPTIONAL 1 OR 2 R.P.M., model PT-1/2RPM (NOT available on PT-100)
                                             COUNTER-CLOCKWISE ROTATION, model PT-CCW
                                             Powered Photography Carousel          115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
                                             The Powered Photography Carousel is ideal for photographing products, both large and small.
                                             Designed with a steel construction for added strength and resilience in a variety of settings.  The
                                             unit is powered by a variable speed, belt driven motor and can be turned 360° for full view of the
                                             product.  To use, simply place the intended product on the turntable and activate the carousel
                                             motor.  When moving the carousel from workstation to workstation, it is best to utilize the fork
                                             pockets attached to the underside of the unit for safe, ergonomic transporting. The fork pockets
                                             measure 7½"W x 2½"H on 22" centers.
                                                  MODEL      CAROUSEL   CAROUSEL    UNIFORM     MAX      WEIGHT
                      model STPC-89-WH           NUMBER       DIAMETER   HEIGHT     CAPACITY   R.P.M.    (POUND)
                                              STPC-89-WH       89"         9"      3,000 lb.     1         1760

                                             Pallet Cart & Carousel
                                             The Pallet Cart with Carousel is used to transport products to where they are needed. Then, once at the
                                             desired location, pulling the pin on the casters will allow the cart to manually rotate like a carousel for easy
                             model CC-48     unloading and improved efficiency. The removable handle allows for full deck access from any position.
                                             Includes four (4) glass-filled nylon swivel casters with swivel locks.
                                               MODEL             PLATFORM  PLATFORM   UNIFORM   CASTER    WEIGHT
                                               NUMBER   DIAMETER  HEIGHT   THICKNESS  CAPACITY   TYPE    (POUND)
                                             CC-48       48"       10½"      1/4"    2,000 lb.  8" x 2"    240
                                            Parts Scales    115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
                                            Scales capture a stable weight reading in less than a second. Features a rugged aluminum housing,
                                            stainless steel weighing pan, and a keyboard. Switches between pounds and kilograms.
                                                MODEL                      DECK SIZE  UNIFORM   RESOLUTION  WEIGHT
              series SSDSC     model CDSC-30    NUMBER       DESCRIPTION    (W x L)   CAPACITY   (POUND)  (POUND)
                                             SSDSC-6*�    STAINLESS STEEL  7½" x 9"    6.6 lb.   0.002      9
                                             SSDSC-13*�   STAINLESS STEEL  7½" x 9"    13 lb.    0.005      9
                                             SSDSC-66*�   STAINLESS STEEL  7½" x 9"    66 lb.     0.02      9
                                             PTDSC-66*�      PLASTIC       7½" x 9"    66 lb.     0.02      6
                                             BDSC-26�     WEIGHING SCALE   7½" x 7 /8"  26 lb.   0.004      6
                                             CDSC-30�    COUNTING SCALE    10" x 12"   30 lb.    0.001      14
              model PTDSC-66   model BDSC-26  *WATERPROOF
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