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156                                Medium Duty High Performance             115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
       PACKAGING EQUIPMENT  model SWA-60-AW    Medium Duty High Performance Auto-Wrap Stretch Wrap Machines have a user friendly

                                               Auto-Wrap Stretch Wrap Machines

                                               control center that provide workers with efficient control of the wrapping process. The state of
                                               the art digital control circuit allows the operator to set the number of pallet rotations and film
                                               wrapping patterns, with four (4) standard multifunction wrapping patterns. The operator ties
                                               off the film wrap on the carousel and presses the start button. When the unit has completed
                                               the wrapping process, the operator can cut film or use the auto brake feature and remove the
                                               wrapped pallet. The powered carousel has variable speeds 0 to 13 with a soft start and stop
                                               feature. Photocell sensors automatically adjust to different pallet heights.  Uniform capacity is
                                               4,000 pounds.
                                                     NUMBER       TURNTABLE  TURNTABLE  MAX. WRAP  MAX. LOAD  (POUND)
                                                SWA-60-AW�          59"       3 /8"     88"        94"     1512
                                                SWA-82-AW�          82"       3 /8"     104"      118"     2186
                                                SWA-R-60-AW      APPROACH RAMP (SWA-60-AW) 48"W x 61 13 / 32 "L x 3"H  329
                                                SWA-R-82-AW      APPROACH RAMP (SWA-82-AW) 48"W x 61 13 / 32 "L x 3"H  329
                                                SWA-60-AW-SCL    SCALE ONLY (FACTORY INSTALLED / ADDS 3½" TO  TURNTABLE HEIGHT)  924
                                                SWA-R-60-AW-SCL  APPROACH RAMP FOR SCALE 48"W x 94"L x 6½"H  543
                                               *BASED ON 20" HIGH ROLL OF STRETCH WRAP MATERIAL
                                               Material Pallet Stretch Wrap Machines        (2) TWO 24V DC STANDARD
                                               The Material Pallet Stretch Wrap Machines provide the flexibility to apply stretch wrap film
                                               at any work station. This portable walk around stretch wrapper has electronic touch sensitive
                                               controls to make packaging tasks easier. The DC battery powered lift moves film wrap up and
                                               down as operator walks around the packages. Designed to help wrap large and tall packages
                                               that could not be wrapped on the standard carousel stretch wrappers. Features an easy reload
                                               film system. The holder will accommodate rolls of wrapping material up to 20" long. The
                                               upright is constructed of aluminum while the rest is steel construction with powder coat
                                               yellow finish. Includes four (4) 3" swivel casters.  Film not included.
                                                    MODEL       UNIFORM ROLL    MAXIMUM       MINIMUM     WEIGHT
                                                    NUMBER       CAPACITY     WRAP HEIGHT    WRAP HEIGHT  (POUND)
                                                PEL-88-A-SWA      95 lb.         72"            2"         237
                                                PEL-100-A-SWA     95 lb.         88"            2"         246

                                               Stand Alone Powered Carousels          115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
                                               Stand Alone Powered Carousels easily rotate pallets, skids, and other large objects.
                                               Carousels include a 48" round diamond plate turntable that is supported with inverted
                                               casters for use as bearings. Also included; turntable, base, 115V, 1-phase power unit,
                                               and variable-speed control (electric/hydraulic unit has fixed speed control).  Turntable is
                                               operated with a foot control. Heavy-duty steel construction.
                                                  MODEL                                         UNIFORM   WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER   DESCRIPTION           R.P.M.  HEIGHT  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                             model STPC-EHD     STPC-CD    CHAIN DRIVEN           3-12   24"    4,000 lb.  1728
                                                STPC-EHD   ELECTRIC HYD. DRIVEN    8     13½"   4,000 lb.  643

                                       New     Low-Profile Powered Carousels         115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
                                               Low Profile Carousels feature a heavy-duty steel non-skid diamond plate platform.  Model
                                               POW-CAR-AR5 features 300° built-in ramp allowing access for pallet trucks, approach
                                               ramp is not necessary.  Model POW-CAR-50 is easily accessible with a fork truck; optional
                                               approach ramp available for use with pallet trucks.  A foot control with a variable speed
                                               control (8 foot power cord), cushion start/stop, and rugged ¾ HP motor with belt drive are
            model POW-CAR-AR5                  standard.  Units are pre-wired to work on 115V, 1-phase power.
            PALLET JACK RAMP
                                                     MODEL        CAROUSEL   CAROUSEL   UNIFORM            WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER       DIAMETER    HEIGHT    CAPACITY   R.P.M.  (POUND)
                                                POW-CAR-AR5         51"        1"       4,000 lb.   3-12    650
                                                POW-CAR-50          50"       2 /16"    4,000 lb.   3-12    599
                                                POW-CAR-50-R-4848  APPROACH RAMP FOR POW-CAR-50 (48"W x 39 15 / 16 "L x 2"H)  221
                                                POW-CAR-M-RF         MANUAL MAST OPTION (FIELD INSTALLED)   597
                                                POW CAR-PMO        POWERED MAST OPTION (FACTORY INSTALLED)  144
                                                POW-CAR-PMO-RF    115V POWERED MAST OPTION (FIELD INSTALLED)  194
                                 model POW-CAR-50
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