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164                            Portable Carton Carts
       PACKAGING EQUIPMENT    model CTC-1856-B  Unit has chrome plated uprights and frame dividers with powder coated black shelves.

                                           Portable Carton Carts are designed to store, organize, and transport your empty cardboard boxes.

                                           Model CTC-1856-B features two adjustable-height shelves with adjustable box dividers ideal for
                                           small boxes.  Four (4) swivel casters for easy maneuverability are standard.
                                           Model CTPT-1844-CK has adjustable box dividers ideal for oversized boxes. The seven (7) dividers
                                           can be positioned along the cart deck in any of seven (4) pre-drilled positions. The unit rolls on
                                           four (4) 5" x 1¼" poly-on-poly casters.

                                                                                # OF
                                                                OVERALL SIZE
                                                                 (D x L x H)
                                                                                                  400 lb.
                                                              18" x 44" x 30"
                                                                                                  400 lb.
                                            CTPT-1844-CK�   19 /16" x 56½" x 59 /8"  DIVIDERS  SPACE BETWEEN   UNIFORM  (POUND)
                     model CTPT-1844-CK
                                            Carton & Box Staplers
                                            Carton and Box Staplers are manually operated staplers used to close/seal cardboard boxes.
                                            This Stapler is lightweight and easy to operate. Two (2) adjustable functions for adjusting staple
                                            clamping force and depth. Staples are sold separately.
                                                 MODEL                         STAPLE        STAPLE      WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER        CAPACITY        WIDTH         LENGTH      (POUND)
                                            STAPLE-58�       100 STAPLES       1 /8"          5/8"         6
                             model STAPLE-58
                                            STAPLE-34�       100 STAPLES       1 /8"          3/4"         6
                                            STAPLE-BX-58�         5 /8" STAPLES / 2,000 PIECES PER BOX     6
                                            STAPLE-BX-34�         ¾" STAPLES / 2,000 PIECES PER BOX        4
                             model STAPLE-34
                                           Plastic Cable Tie Gun
                                           The Plastic Cable Tie Gun is great for the manufacturing and distributing trades. The unit is
                                           constructed of plastic for a lightweight, comfortable feel for longtime use. By using the cable tie
                                           gun the user can tighten the products to a more precise tension, ensuring that all products are
                                           bundled safely and securely.  The unit fits cables sized 0" - 0.2" in width.
                                                MODEL           OVERALL SIZE            CABLE TIE        WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER           (W x L x H)            WIDTHS           (POUND)
                             model CGUN-002  CGUN-002�        4¾" x 9½" x ¾"           0" to 0.2"           2
                                           Jumbo Rubber Bands
                                           Pallet Bands minimize carton shifting to reduce product damage of pallets in transit. Easy to
                                           use without any need for special equipment. Unit is cost effective and environmentally friendly.
                                           Moisture will not get trapped under rubber band. Packaged fifty (50) pieces per carton.
                                           The Drum Band is used to help secure drum liners. Unit is cost effective and environmentally
                                           friendly.  Packaged fifty (50) pieces per carton.

               model BAND-92    model BAND-34   MODEL                                                  NET WEIGHT
                                               NUMBER                ACCOMMODATES              WIDTH   (PER PKG. LB.)
                                            BAND-92�        Pallets 40" x 48" min. to 48" x 48" max.  3/4"  12
                                            BAND-34�        55 gallon drums to secure drum liners  1/2"    3

                                            Quick Wrapper
                                            The Quick Wrapper is designed to allow for quick wrapping of pallets, while improving ergonomic
                                            posture during the wrapping process. Also allows for improved efficiency versus standard hand
                                            dispensers. The wrapper has a hand-operated tension/brake for film stretch. Ships knocked down.

                                               MODEL                                                     WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER      CONSTRUCTION      CORE ID       WRAP LENGTHS   (POUND)
                                             QW-1�        ALUMINUM            3"            11" - 20"      5
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