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          Hand Held Stretch Wrappers

          Hand Held Stretch Wrappers are lightweight, freewheeling dispensers that maintains precision
          tension control that insures a tight, smooth application. The ergonomically bent, foam covered
          handle reduces both bending and fatigue, while allowing operators to apply the bottom row of
          wrap just as tight as the top. Accommodates rolls up to 8" in diameter.  Model SW-HAND-WS
          has telescopic handle, handle height with 16" wide film is 48".                                          PACKAGING EQUIPMENT
          The compact Stretch Wrap Knife is small enough to fit in your pocket. Specially angled cutting
          head easily slices through stretch wrap material without sticking or binding. Safety design will not
          cut user or products. Made of high-density plastic. Replacement blades available.
                                                                                  model SW-HAND-R  model SW-HAND-BG
               MODEL                         ROLL                       WEIGHT
               NUMBER       DESCRIPTION     HEIGHTS        CORE SIZE   (POUND)
           SW-HAND-R�     ROUND STYLE      12" TO 20"      2" & 3"       4
           SW-HAND-BG�     ERGO STYLE      12" TO 20"    1/2", 2" & 3"   4
           SW-HAND-WS      ERGO STYLE      6" TO 24"       2" & 3"       5
               MODEL                                                    WEIGHT
               NUMBER                      DESCRIPTION                 (POUND)
           SW-KNIFE�     STRETCH WRAP FILM KNIFE                         1
           SW-RB�        REPLACEMENT BLADES (BOX OF 100 BLADES)          1
           SRF-18�       FILM FOR HAND HELD WRAPPER                      38
                         18" WIDE x 1,500 FEET (80 gauge) 4 ROLLS PER CASE

          Stretch Wrap Dispensers                                                 model SW-HAND-WS  model SW-KNIFE
          A) Easy to use fingertip units fit into core and allow for dispensing stretch wrap around your
          product.  Brake feature included for controlling film tension while dispensing.  Sold per pair.
          B) Hand held dispensing handles are made of plastic and allow for easy stretch wrap dispensing
          with spin handle. Sold per each.
                                                                                              model SWD-1
          C) Slip over extended core rolls of stretch wrap.  Squeeze grip to control film tension while
          wrapping.  PVC construction allows for comfortable grip.  Sold each.

                   MODEL                                                WEIGHT
           ITEM   NUMBER         TAPE WIDTH             CORE SIZE      (POUND)
            A    SWD-1�            ANY                    3"              1
            B    SWD-2/1.5�         5"                   1½"              2
            B    SWD-2/2�           5"                    2"              2        model  SWD-3    series SWD-2
            B    SWD-2/3�           5"                    3"              2
            C    SWD-3�            ANY                   1½"              1

          A) Works conveniently, safely, and quickly on straps, cardboard, and tape.  Includes pocket clip.    model CUT-D-1
          B) Designed to cut bubble wrap, foam, film, twine, and similar materials.  Hand formed grip for
          C) Multi-function package opener quickly cuts strapping, film, rope, and tape.  The heavy-duty
          retractable claw removes staples.                                    model CUT-2       model MPO-3
          D) The Box Size Cutter recycles boxes with ease. Post has printed scale to expedite accuracy and
          convenience to score the box so that it can be folded over neatly to change the depth.

                  MODEL                                                 WEIGHT
           ITEM   NUMBER                    DESCRIPTION                (POUND)
            A   CUT-D-1�              DOUBLE ENDED CUTTER                 1
            B   CUT-2�              CUTTER FOR THICK MATERIAL             1
            C   MPO-3�           MULTI-FUNCTION PACKAGE OPENER            1            model SIZER-4
            D   SIZER-4�                BOX SIZE CUTTER                   2

          Pallet Wand
          Allows for easy guidance of strapping through pallets.  Decrease the time it takes to manually
          strap pallets.  Flexible black fiberglass construction.  Steel spring clip securely holds strapping.

               MODEL            OVERALL SIZE            WAND           WEIGHT
               NUMBER             (W x L )             THICKNESS       (POUND)
           WAND-3�               1" x 52¾"               1 /8"           2
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