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96                              Manual Built-In Carousel for Scissor Tables
       ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS        CAROUSEL  mounted carousel smoothly rotates 360°.  Easy to use operation.  Carousel adds 1" to scissor

                                            Position pallets, boxes, or crates without ever stepping around the table.  This sleek flush
                                            table service range.  Carousel diameter is 45".  Platform size must be 48" x 48" minimum.
                                            Rotate option de-rates table capacity by 300 lb.  Maximum capacity is 4,000 lb.  Scissor table
                                            not included.  Option for new table purchase only.  Other size carousels available.
                                                                               USE WITH
                                                             SERIES EHLT; LIFT TABLE
                                                             SERIES EHLTX; LOW PROFILE LIFT TABLE
                                                             SERIES PST; PORTABLE LIFT TABLE
                                             AHLT-ROTATE     SERIES EHLTD; DOUBLE LIFT TABLE               350
                                                             SERIES AHLT; AIR HYDRAULIC LIFT TABLE
                                            Rotary Air/Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables
                                            Utilize the convenience of factory air to power these lift tables. Simply connect to an 80 CFM &
                                            80 PSI (minimum) air supply (minimum ¾" supply recommended) through a filter, regulator,
                                            lubricator and you now have a lift table suitable for a wide range of applications and operating
                                            environments.  Features pneumatic upper travel limit switch, safety toe guards, cylinder with
                                            safety velocity fuse, two button hand control, and life-time lubricated sleeve bearings.  See
                                            options on page 108 & 109. Survey sheet available on page 150.
                                                  MODEL        PLATFORM   LOWERED    RAISED    UNIFORM    WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER       SIZE (W x L)  HEIGHT  HEIGHT    CAPACITY   (POUND)
                                             AHLT-2448-3-43    24" x 48"    7"        43"      3,000 lb.   689
                                             AHLT-3060-3-43    30" x 60"    7"        43"      3,000 lb.   787
                                             AHLT-4048-3-43    40" x 48"    7"        43"      3,000 lb.   769
                                             AHLT-4848-3-43    48" x 48"    7"        43"      3,000 lb.   780
                                             AHLT-4872-3-43    48" x 72"    7"        43"      3,000 lb.   937
                                            CONTACT FACTORY FOR SPECIAL SIZES AND CONFIGURATIONS

                                            Heavy-Duty Air Bag Scissor Lift Tables

                                            Air Bag Scissor Lift Tables use factory air for clean, dependable, maintenance free operation.
                                            Designed to raise products up to an ergonomic working height.  Safety features include pressure
                                            relief valve and pinch point guard.  Models ABLT-1000 and ABLT-2000 come standard with
                                            a foot control.  Incoming air must be clean, dry, and regulated to 80 psi (min.). Requires ½"
                                            incoming airline.  Standard features include adjustable upper travel limit valve, state-of-the-art
                                            lifetime lubricated bearings, and maintenance prop.  Filter required.
                                                 MODEL      PLATFORM     UNIFORM     RAISED    LOWERED    WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER      SIZE (W x L)  CAPACITY   HEIGHT     HEIGHT    (POUND)
                                             ABLT-1000      48" x 32"    1,000 lb.    33"        9"        357
                                             ABLT-2000      48" x 32"    2,000 lb.    33"        9"        630
                   Custom Finish
                                            Low-Profile Air Bag Scissor Lift Tables

                                            With the lowest collapsed height air lift table on the market, you can achieve a 4" lowered height.
                                            This low height allows for more material to be placed on the lift and still be in reach of the
                                            operator.  These units have pressure relief valves to prevent over inflation of the air bag, as well as a
                                            captured scissor track to provide stability and safety while raising and lowering.  Air requirements
                                            are 60-120 psi, with a minimum ¾" pipe or rubber hose.  Hand controller, joy stick style
                                            included.  Various optional components (up/down foot control, safety skirt, and larger platforms)
                                            are available, contact factory.

                                                  MODEL      PLATFORM    UNIFORM     RAISED    LOWERED    WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER      SIZE (W x L)  CAPACITY  HEIGHT     HEIGHT    (POUND)
                                             ABLT-H-LP-1-29  36" x 47"   1,000 lb.    29"         4"       650
                                             ABLT-H-LP-2-29  36" x 47"   2,000 lb.    29"         4"       650
                                             ABLT-H-LP-3-29  36" x 47"   3,000 lb.    29"         4"       650
                                             ABLT-H-LP-4-29  36" x 47"   4,000 lb.    29"         4"       650
                                             ABLT-H-LP-6-23  36" x 47"   6,000 lb.    23"         4"       650
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