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190                           Hoisting Hooks
       FORK TRUCK ATTACHMENTS  DOUBLE FORK  SINGLE FORK  Hoisting Hook does not require the assistance of special tools. Secured to the fork truck by means

                                          Convert your fork truck into a hook with anchor in a matter of seconds. The easy to attach
                                          of a 48" long safety restraint and screw clamps. Available in single or double fork design. Units are
                                          zinc plated. Hook with shackle included.
                                          Model S-FORK-4-AT, Auto-Tension Hoisting Hook, offers a unique design and adds tension as
                             series S-FORK
                                          weight is added. Hook with shackle included. Secured to the fork truck by means of a 48" long
                                          safety restraint and tine lock, this unit has a yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness.
              series D-FORK
                                                                                  USABLE FORK
                                                                 HOOK TYPE
                                                                                POCKET SIZE (W x H)
                                                                                   6" x 2¼"
                                                            SINGLE FORK/RIGID
                                                                                                4,000 lb.
                                                           SINGLE FORK/SWIVEL
                                                                                   6" x 2¼"
                                                                                                4,000 lb.
                             SINGLE FORK
                                                            DOUBLE FORK/RIGID
                                                                                                4,000 lb.
                                                                                  7¼" x 2½"
                                                                                  7¼" x 2½"
                                                                                                4,000 lb.
                             model S-FORK-4-AT
                                                           DOUBLE FORK/SWIVEL
                                           D-FORK-10-SL�   DOUBLE FORK/SWIVEL     6 /16" x 3½"  10,000 lb.  15
                                           S-FORK-4-AT    SWIVEL, SINGLE AUTO-TENSION  5½" x 1 /2"  4,000 lb.  24
                                          Forklift Lifting Beam
                                          A Forklift Lifting Beam is the perfect asset for maneuvering and transferring heavy objects.  The
                             LIFTING BEAM  centrally located shackle between two fork pockets allow the user to safely attach to the unit and
                             model FLB-D-10
                                          transport to the desired location.  Hooks are also attached to the outside of the unit for a more secure
                                          lifting experience.  The strong steel construction with a bright finish enables high visibility from both
                                          near and far.  Secure to the fork truck by means of a 48" long safety restraint and screw clamps.
                                                                          USABLE FORK
               New                          NUMBER       OVERALL SIZE   POCKET SIZE (W x H)  UNIFORM     (POUND)
                                                          (W x L x H)
                                          FLB-D-10     4¾" x 40" x 15"  7" x 2½" (13" centers)  10,000 lb.  112
                                         Hook Plates
                                         Hook Plates enable any fork truck to safely lift a load using chains, cables, or slings.  Features slanted
                                         fork openings measuring 6½" wide by 1¾" high to prevent the hook plate from being used upside
                                         down.  A hook with anchor shackle is included.  A safety restraint secures the unit to the fork truck.
                                             MODEL       HOOK         HEIGHT      OVERALL     UNIFORM     WEIGHT
                                             NUMBER       TYPE       W/O HOOK     WIDTH       CAPACITY   (POUND)
            HOOK PLATE                    LM-HP4-S�     SWIVEL         6"          24"        4,000 lb.    23
            model LM-HP4-R                LM-HP4-R�      RIGID         6"          24"        4,000 lb.    23
                                          LM-HP6-S�     SWIVEL         6"          24"        6,000 lb.    25
                                          Fork Truck Bases with Optional Tow Balls & Pintle Hook
                                          Convert your fork truck into a tow truck for moving trailers and other portable equipment.
                                          Simple design slides onto forks and secures into place with pin style tine locks and a safety
                                          restraint.  Welded steel construction with blue baked-in powder-coated toughness.  5"W x
                                          2"H usable fork pockets.  Optional pintle hook, tow balls, lifting hooks and hitch (see below)
                                          available.  Bolt on design.  Never exceed the 4,000 lb. capacity of the hook base.  An attachment does not
                                          increase the total capacity of the unit.
                                                                          FORK      LENGTH TO   UNIFORM   WEIGHT
                                             MODEL NUMBER   DESCRIPTION  LENGTH   CENTER OF BALL  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                          HOOK-BASE-32�    FORK BASE      36"        32 /8"     4,000 lb.  139
            FORK TRUCK BASE
            model HOOK-BASE-38            HOOK-BASE-38�    FORK BASE      42"        38 /8"     4,000 lb.  162
                                          HOOK-BASE-44�    FORK BASE      48"        44 /8"     4,000 lb.  166
                                          ABOVE MODELS WORK WITH BALL-178, BALL-200, BALL-2516, HOOK-S-4, HOOK-R-4, PINTLE, HITCH-3B
                                              MODEL                    BALL        SHANK       UNIFORM    WEIGHT
                                             NUMBER     DESCRIPTION   DIAMETER    DIAMETER     CAPACITY   (POUND)
                                           BALL-178�    TOW BALL       1 /8"         1"        2,000 lb.    3
                                           BALL-200�    TOW BALL        2"           1"        5,000 lb.    3
                                           BALL-2516�   TOW BALL       2 /16"        1"        5,000 lb.    4
            PINTLE HOOK     TOW BALLS       MODEL                     JAW      UNIFORM TONGUE  UNIFORM TOW  WEIGHT
            model PINTLE    series BALL    NUMBER     DESCRIPTION    OPENING     CAPACITY      CAPACITY   (POUND)
                                          PINTLE    PINTLE HOOK       1¾"        2,000 lb.    10,000 lb.    11
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