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188                              Fold Down Work Platforms
       FORK TRUCK ATTACHMENTS                in use, unit can be folded down and moved out of the way by just one person. Unit stores

                                             Elevate personnel to overhead racks and shelving for safe and convenient access. When not
                                             conveniently in a 4" deep bottom base, with a folded height of 11⅝". Handrail is 38" high
                                             with 23½" high mid-rail on three sides. 70" high expanded metal backing on fourth side (84"
                                             high backing to meet California OSHA specifications on models with suffix -84B). Includes
                                             diamond plate platform, tine lock, and a safety restraint to attach platform to fork truck.
                                             Usable fork pockets measure 7⅞"W x 3⅜"H on 27¾" centers. The overall size of the unit is
                                             38"W x 38"L x 81¼"H (80½"H model WP-3737-FD-84B). Folded size is 38"W x 38"L x
                                             11⅝"H.  Baked-in powder-coated toughness.  Steel construction.
                                                                          FORK POCKET
                                                                                     METAL BACK
                                                                SIZE (W x L)
                                                                37" x 37"
                                                                                                 600 lb.
                                                                37" x 37"
                                                                                                 600 lb.
                                             OPTIONAL 4" x 1½" CASTERS (TWO RIGID & TWO SWIVEL), model WP-CAFD  UNIFORM  (POUND)
                                            Work Platform Options
            4" x 1¼" Poly-on-Poly   Emergency Stop Button   Fluorescent Tube Caddy,   Sliding Tool Tray, series   Web Lanyard with Safety
            Casters, model WP-CA,   Kit, model WP-SB, allows  model WP-TC, holds   WP-TT, available in   Harness, series WP-LH,
            allows you to move unit   the operator to shut off   fluorescent light bulbs   36" or 48" wide. Holds   protects worker in the
            without the use of a fork   fork truck power from   and other maintenance   maintenance tools. For use  event of a fall.
            truck. Two swivel casters   the work platform. Works   equipment.  with single door platforms.
            and two swivel with brake.  with both gas and electric
                                fork trucks.

                                 WORK PLATFORM OPTIONS
                                    MODEL NUMBER                         DESCRIPTION                     (POUND)
                                 WP-CA�           (4) 4" x 1¼" POLY CASTERS (INCLUDES FOUR)                 9
                                 WP-SB�           EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON KIT                                 8
                                 WP-SB-FTJB       EMERGENCY STOP FORK TRUCK JUNCTION BOX ONLY               3
                                 WP-SB-WPJB       EMERGENCY STOP WORK PLATFORM JUNCTION BOX ONLY            6
                                 WP-TC�           STEEL FLUORESCENT TUBE CADDY                             30
                                 WP-TT36�         SLIDING TOOL TRAY (36"W SINGLE DOOR WORK PLATFORM)       13
                                 WP-TT48�         SLIDING TOOL TRAY (48"W SINGLE DOOR WORK PLATFORM)       22
                                 WP-FD-TT         OPTIONAL TOOL TRAY FOR FOLD-DOWN WORK PLATFORM           21
                                 WP-WS�           ADDITIONAL CAUTION SIGNS WITH MOUNTING HARDWARE           3
                                 WP-DL            DOUBLE CHAIN DOOR LOCK                                    2

                                 LANYARD WITH SAFETY HARNESS
                                                                                               LENGTH OF  WEIGHT
                                  MODEL NUMBER  DESCRIPTION   SIZE      WAIST SIZE  CAPACITY    LANYARD   (POUND)
                                 WP-LH-S�       HARNESS      SMALL     SEE BELOW     350 lb.    6 FEET      5
                                 WP-LH-M�       HARNESS     MEDIUM     SEE BELOW     350 lb.    6 FEET      5
                                 WP-LH-L�       HARNESS      LARGE     SEE BELOW     350 lb.    6 FEET      5
                                 WP-LH-XL�      HARNESS     X-LARGE    SEE BELOW     350 lb.    6 FEET      5
                                 WP-LH-XXL�     HARNESS     XX-LARGE   SEE BELOW     350 lb.    6 FEET      5
                                 WP-LH-XXXL�    HARNESS    XXX-LARGE   SEE BELOW     350 lb.    6 FEET      7
                                 HARNESS SIZING CHART
                                                                                CHEST SIZE
                                         HEIGHT        34" - 36"  38" - 40"  42" - 44"  46" - 48"  50" - 54"  56" - 60"
                                 SMALL (5'4" to 5'7")  SMALL     SMALL    MEDIUM    LARGE    X-LARGE   XX-LARGE
                                 REGULAR (5'8" to 5'11")  SMALL  MEDIUM    LARGE    X-LARGE  XX-LARGE  XXX-LARGE
                                 TALL (6'0" to 6'3")   MEDIUM   MEDIUM     LARGE    X-LARGE  XX-LARGE  XXX-LARGE
                                 EXTRA TALL (6'3" PLUS)  LARGE  LARGE     X-LARGE   X-LARGE  XX-LARGE  XXX-LARGE
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