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          Economical Drum Transporters

          Unique portable unit designed to lift and transport steel, plastic, and fiber drums with a top
          lip. Steel jaw securely grips the top lip of the drum. Available with either a manual mechanical
          ratchet,  foot pump hydraulic, or DC powered lift mechanism. Straddle legs rotate for access
          to drums on pallets. Units roll on four (4) 8" x 2" phenolic swivel casters. The push handle
          folds down for easy access to ratchet and foot pump. All welded steel construction. Baked-  SECURE GRIP
          in powder-coated toughness with a safety yellow finish. Optional scale weighs drums to an
          accuracy of +/-0.5 pounds. Optional scale includes six (6) AA batteries and an AC adaptor.
                MODEL                            JAW SERVICE  UNIFORM  WEIGHT
                NUMBER     DESCRIPTION             RANGE      CAPACITY  (POUND)                            model
           DCR-880-M      HAND RATCHET          31" to 47"   880 lb.   275
           DCR-880-H      FOOT PUMP             31" to 49"  1,500 lb.  293
           DCR-880-H-HP   FOOT PUMP             31" to 77½"  880 lb.   345      DCR-SCALE
           DCR-880-H-DC    (1) 12V DC POWERED    31" to 49"  1,500 lb.  446
           DCR-880-H-HP-DC  (1) 12V DC POWERED   31" to 76"   880 lb.   506                                        DRUM HANDLING EQUIPMENT & SPECIALTY CONTAINERS
           LDS-R3          OPTIONAL LIFTING DRUM SADDLE ROLLER STYLE  1,000 lb.  26  model
           LDS-B1          OPTIONAL LIFTING DRUM SADDLE BELT STYLE  2,000 lb.  21  DCR-880-H-HP
           DCR-SCALE       OPTIONAL WEIGHT SCALE             1,500 lb.  70

          Portable Drum Jacks
          These Drum Jacks are the perfect solution to any of your drum transporting needs. Compact
          design allows for maximum maneuverability in restrictive areas. Steel construction.
          Model DRUM-55-36 accepts 55 gallon steel and fiber drums with a top lip. The front rigid
          wheels are 6" x 1½", while the rear swivel casters are 3" x 1½".
          Model DRUM-55FP has an adjustable beak design, which allows it to grab 30 and 55 gallon
          steel, plastic, or fiber drums. Drums can easily be placed on or removed from pallets, spill
          containers, and scales. Available with built-in scale feature, see below.
          Model DRUM-55S has a unique grapple to hold 55 gallon steel drums securely into the steel
          saddle prior to lifting it vertically. The drum is held in this position during transit, enabling
          open drums to be handled without spillage.                           model DRUM-55-36    model DRUM-55FP
          Model DRUM-55-FSP has a single clamping mechanism, which automatically latches on
          the drum chime when being elevated or transported.  The clamping mechanism is fully
          adjustable for shorter height drums.
          Model DRUM-55-SCL-E can lift, transport, and weigh 30, 55, and 85 gallon steel, fiber,
          and plastic drums.  Scale head features automatic turn-off and +/-0.5 lbs. accuracy.  Scale is
          powered with AA batteries.  AC adapter included.
          Model DRUM-SCLG & DRUM-SCLF add a scale readout built into Drum Jack model
          DRUM-55FP.  The scale allows the drum to be weighed and moved all with the same piece
          of equipment. The scale has a capacity of 1,000 lbs. with an accuracy of +/-0.5 lbs. 12V DC
          operation with batteries and charger included. Stainless steel scale components. NEMA 4
          scale read-out housing swivels 360° for maximum viewing convenience.
                                                                              model DRUM-55FP
                                                                              SHOWN WITH SCALE,
               MODEL       OVERALL SIZE  LIFT  BEAK SERVICE  UNIFORM  WEIGHT  model DRUM-SCLF       model DRUM-55S
               NUMBER        (W x D)   HEIGHT   RANGE      CAPACITY  (POUND)
           DRUM-55-36    30½" x 27 /16"  15"  33" to 52"    500 lb.   161
           DRUM-55FP       41¾" x 41 /16"  18"  23 /8" to 57 /8"  1,000 lb.  379
           DRUM-55S       28½" x 41 /16"  5¼"   n/a         660 lb.   152
           DRUM-55-FSP      39½" x 35"  20"    33" to 53"    800 lb.   375
           DRUM-55-SCL-E    35" x 38 /8"  23 /8"  --         900 lb.   166
           DRUM-SCLG     DRUM-55FP W/ GENERAL READOUT SCALE            444     model DRUM-SCLF     model DRUM-SCLG
          Stainless Steel Drum Lifter/Transporter                             New
          The Stainless steel hydraulic drum lifter is designed to allow the operator to load or unload
          drums on and off the corner of pallets. Straddle leg design allows the drum lifter to glide over
          standard pallets and grab most 30, 55, or 85 gallon steel and poly drums. Drums are raised
          and lowered easily using the foot pump. 304 grade all stainless steel construction. Ideal for
          wash-down, pharmaceutical, and clean room applications. Highly maneuverable on two (2)
          rigid and two (2) swivel with brake nylon wheels. Cannot be used with fiber drums.

              NUMBER      DRUM TYPES   (W x D x H)  RANGE    CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                                                               model DRUM-LT-SS
           DRUM-LT-SS  STEEL & POLY  48" x 35" x 63"  26" - 71"  800 lb.  345
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