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                                                Hydraulic Drum Crusher/Compactors
                                                Crushes 55 gallon steel drums to approximately 6" high. Full cycle time is 25 seconds
                                                crush and retract. This unit is designed for a duty cycle that will allow for crushing
                                                or compacting up to 250 drums per week in a typical, non-hazardous, indoor, room
                                                temperature environment when operated on a three-phase power supply. 38,000 pounds
                                                of crushing force. The included drum compacting feature allows you to compact contents
                                                inside the drum by simply removing the drum crushing plate. Crushing feature will work
                                                with any drum size up to 55 gallons. Compacting feature will only work with 55 gallon
                                                drums. Safety features include a pressure relief valve, which prevents overload, and a
                                  model HDC-905-IDC
                                                double door latch to secure the door when crushing. Plus an interlock system that will
                                                prevent the motor from running unless the door is closed. 6.5 hp motor, 3-phase, 60
                                                hz. Choose from 208V, 230V, or 460V. Meets OSHA 1910.212 / ANSI Z245.5 / JIC
                                                standards. Built-in fork pockets aid in transporting. Aluminum drip pan for catching any
                                                excess liquid that may be expelled during the crushing operation. The pan holds 1 gallon
                                                and measures 31½" W x 4½" L x 1 /8" H. Replacement and additional drip pans are
                                                available. Crating is recommended for international shipments, contact factory.
                                                      MODEL                                                WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER                      DESCRIPTION              (POUND)
                                                 HDC-905-IDC/460V  CRUSHER/COMPACTOR, 460V, 3-PHASE        1570
                                                 HDC-905-HC/460V  CRUSHER/COMPACTOR, 460V, W/HIGH CYCLE PACKAGE  2148
                                                 HDC-905-IDC/230V  CRUSHER/COMPACTOR, 230V, 3-PHASE        1570
                                                 HDC-905-HC/230V  CRUSHER/COMPACTOR, 230V, W/HIGH CYCLE PACKAGE  2148
            Crushes 55 gallon steel              HDC-905-IDC/208V  CRUSHER/COMPACTOR, 208V, 3-PHASE        1570
            drums to only 6" high.               HDC-905-HC/208V  CRUSHER/COMPACTOR, 208V, W/HIGH CYCLE PACKAGE  2148
                                                 HDC9-1          OPTIONAL 3HP POWER UNIT, 1-PHASE (OPTION FOR HDC-905-IDC)
                                                                 AT 208-230V, CYCLE TIME INCREASES TO 70 SEC. AND REQUIRES 20 AMP SUPPLY CIRCUIT.
                                                 HDC-905-WD      OPTIONAL WASHDOWN MOTOR & NEMA 4 ENCLOSURE
                                                 HDC-905-DPN    EXTRA ALUMINUM DRIP PAN     31½" x 4½" x 1 /8"  4
                                                                 (1 GALLON CAPACITY)
                                                Mobile Gasoline Powered Drum Crusher

                                                Take the Drum Crusher to where the drums are!  Features an 570cc Briggs & Stratton
                                                gasoline engine. Hydraulic reservoir holds up to 30 gallons of hydraulic oil.  Power tilt
                                                and integral trailer with tail and brake lights are included.  Exterior tension mounted twin
                                                cylinders eliminate rod buckling and damage.  Unit ships flat bed truck.
                                                      MODEL                                              WEIGHT
                                                     NUMBER                    DESCRIPTION               (POUND)
                                                 HDC-900-GPT          GAS POWERED DRUM CRUSHER            3400

                                                Manual Trash Compactors

                                                This easy to use product is designed for compacting the contents of 30 and 55 gallon
                                                drums. Manual ratcheting mechanism has 7,000 pounds of compacting force.  Ratchet
                                                mechanism is also used to retract compacting plate.  Compacting plate direction is adjusted
                                                with selector levers.  Ratchet lever is secured in the UP position with locking pin.  Includes
                                                two (2) wheels for tilt-and-roll portability of unit when empty.  Drum not included.
                                                Baked-in powder-coated toughness.

                                                  MODEL   DRUM TYPE  SERVICE  COMPACTOR HEAD  OVERALL SIZE  WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER  (GALLON)  RANGE  DIAMETER/THICKNESS  (W x D x H)  (POUND)
                                                 MTC-55    55    1¼" to 35¾"  21" / ¼"  32 /16" x 24¼"x 85 /16"  249
            ROLL-OUT BASE ASSEMBLY  model MTC-55  MTC-30   30    1¼" to 35¾"  17" / ¼"  32 /16" x 24¼"x 85 /16"  202
            model MTC-RB
                                                 MTC-RB          OPTIONAL ROLL-OUT BASE ASSEMBLY            60
                                                Polyethylene Drum Racks
                                                Polyethylene Drum Racks capture spills while keeping your workplace clean and safe. All
                                                models tilt the drums slightly forward, allowing maximum drainage and optimizing the
                                                use of chemicals while minimizing waste.  These improve worker safety by keeping slippery
                                    model PDR-2  chemicals and oils off the floor.
                                 PDR-SHF           MODEL     DRUM      OVERALL SIZE  UNIFORM  CONTAINMENT  WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER    CAPACITY   (W x D x H)  CAPACITY   CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                                 PDR-2     (2) 55 GAL.  53" x 53" x 44¾"  1,500 lb.  66 GALLON  137
                                                 PDR-4     (4) 55 GAL.  53" x 53" x 77¾"  3,000 lb.  66 GALLON  189
                                 model PDR-4     PDR-SHF      OPTIONAL DISPENSING SHELF (22"W x 17"L x 5"H)  15
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