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424                    BUYER'S GUIDE TO CASTERS & WHEELS
       CASTERS & WHEELS                      All Casters Are Not Equal . . .

            FEATURES & DESIGN

            We offer a line of superior industrial casters that are second to none.  Providing you with the safest, most reliable casters in the industry stems
            from having the highest quality in raw materials, design, and testing analysis.  Our superior casters are rated by the following criteria and
            valued by the number of      's found next to their description.  Rating criteria is below.

                        (5) = Superior Construction (includes 80% or more of the structural features below)

                         (4) = Excellent Construction (includes 60% or more of the structural features below)
                          (3) = Exceptional Construction (includes 50% or more of the structural features below)

                           (2) = Admirable Construction (includes 30% or more of the structural features below)

                            (1) = Good Construction (includes 25% or more of the structural features below)


            •   Strategic Poly Bond:  Sand blast and thermal cleaning of steel using a computer-controlled laser, automated adhesive applicant to ensure
               the same consistency every time, pre-heat mold and center (with more heat on the center to ensure poly bonds to the center first), and/or
               mechanically bonded together.
            •   Testing Analysis:  May include raw material analysis, abrasion resistance, tread hardness, rotation, swivel of head, temperature resistance,
               rolling resistance, destructive tests, and/or locking systems (when applicable).
            •   State of the Art Injection Molding Machines:  Equipped with linear robots or multi-lifts.
            •   Machined or Double Precision Steel Raceways:  Offer some of the tightest performance in the industry.
            •   Bearing Dust Cover Seals or Thread Guards:  Assist in protecting the bearings around the raceway (Dust Cover Seals) or the caster bearings
               (Thread Guard) from dust and debris that could impact the functionality and life of the bearings.
            •   High Quality Tread:  Often provide longer lasting durability and better ergonomic performance than a standard tread of similar material.
            •   Kingpinless Design:  A kingpin in a standard caster absorbs most of the abuse and tension received in a rigorous application.  Over time,
               this can cause the kingpin to fail.  Kingpinless casters provide a more even distribution of load offering stronger durability, especially in
               towing, heavy load, and shock absorbing applications.
            •   Non-Marking:  Tread protects flooring from marks and scuffing.
            •   Anti-Corrosive Finish:  Assists in protecting rigging from corrosion and rust that can inhibit the life of a caster.

            •   100% of our Blickle  Casters go through a Debonding Press Test.
            •   2-3 Year Warranty.
            •   Featured Cores:
               A)  Cast Iron or Steel:  Provide better durability in high capacity applications.
               B)  Cast Aluminum:  Lighter weight and offer maximum heat dissipation in high cycle applications.
               C)  Nylon or Polyolefin:  Provide ideal vibration absorption.  Especially useful in light capacity, low cycle applications.
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