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                                     SELECTING THE RIGHT MATERIAL

                         Each material offers unique qualities for specific applications*                          CASTERS & WHEELS

            Besthane :  Floor-preserving, non-marking,        Besthane Soft :  High-quality-elastomer with a
            non-staining, highly abrasion resistant, and      dynamic load capacity, non-marking, and
            resistant to many aggressive substances.  It is   non-staining.  Also has a very low rolling
            also water resistant, but not resistant to hot water,   resistance, good floor preservation, and
            hot water vapor, humid air and aromatic solvents.    high abrasion resistance.  Color blue.
            Color brown.  Maintenance-Free under standard     Maintenance-Free under standard conditions.
            Cast Iron:  Wear-resistant and withstands         Extrathane :  A reaction-injected polyurethane-
            abrasion.  A relatively high floor pressure should be   elastomer.  It is floor-preserving, non-marking,
            considered for pressure-sensitive floors.  Hard tread   non-staining, abrasion-resistant, and resistant
            rolls easily.                                     to many chemicals.  Non-resistant to hot water, hot
                                                              water vapor, humid air, and aromatic solvents.  Color
                                                              light brown (butterscotch).

            Glass Filled Nylon:  Strong thermoplastic         Nylon:  Impact-resistant nylon has very low rolling
            compound that resists hard impacts.  Resistant    and swivel resistance.  Provides a smooth roll
            to most chemicals, salts, solvents, and steam.    on even floors and offers paramount chemical
            Does not absorb water and ideal for many          resistance to many aggressive substances.
            industrial and institutional applications.  The wheel
            is non-marking.

            Phenolic:  Provides longer wear and handles       Polyolefin:  Lightweight, resists most chemicals
            high load capacities.  Good for use in deep freeze   and oils, while providing exceptional impact
            temperatures.  Hard tread rolls easily. Provides better   resistance.
            floor protection and is quieter than steel wheels.

            Polypropylene:  A thermoplastic synthetic material.    Polyurethane:  Offers paramount resistance to
            It is impact-resistant, non-marking, non-staining,   most oils, chemicals, solvents, and acids.
            corrosion resistant, and odorless.  It also offers a
            low rolling resistance and does not absorb humidity.
            Color natural white.

            Rubber:  Quiet-rolling, good for corrosive and    Softhane :  High operational comfort due to an
            damp environments.  Provides shock absorption     extremely thick elastic tread.  Low-noise operation
            and rolls easily over small debris.  Offers good floor   and rolling resistance.  It is non-marking, while
            protection and works well both in and outdoors.   offering high abrasion and chemical resistance.
                                                              Color green.

            Surelastic Rubber:  Characterized by a special    Thermoplastic Polyurethane Rubber (TPR):
            rubber compound.  This tread provides incredible   Characterized by a non-marking, non-staining,
            floor-preserving qualities.  It also offers a high   good floor preservation.  Also has low noise
            load capacity, high operational comfort, and is   operation, rolling and swivel resistance.
            resistant to many aggressive substances except    Resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohol,
            oils.  Color black.                               salts, and steam.  Color gray.  Maintenance-free
                                                              under standard conditions.

            Thermoplastic Rubber-Elastomer (TPE):             *ALL BENEFITS AND EXPECTATIONS STATED IN CATALOG
            This tread provides a high operational            ARE BASED UNDER STANDARD CONDITIONS.
            comfort, low-noise operation, and good floor      PLEASE CONTACT FACTORY FOR ADDITIONAL CASTER SIZES,
            preservation. It is also non-marking.  Color gray.  MATERIALS AND TYPES.
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