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182                               Portable Steel Hopper with Power Traction Drive   24V DC POWER STANDARD
       FORK TRUCK ATTACHMENTS                 This factory installed option makes portable equipment easy to maneuver with its 240°  572

                                              Reduce worker fatigue and injury with this 1/3 cubic yard Power Traction Drive Hopper.

                                              turning radius, handle grip/throttle, and auto reverse.  This state-of-the-art option allows a
                                              single operator to perform tasks safely and ergonomically.  Includes built-in electric drive
                                              motor and DC battery with on-board charger.  Maximum speed is 3 mph. Hopper and fork
                                              pockets are included. Fork pockets are 7½"W x 2½"H usable on 18" centers.  Hopper has a
                                              blue baked-in powder-coated toughness.  Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.

                                                                                         OVERALL SIZE
                                                                                          (W x L x H)
                                                            CUBIC YARDS
                                                                           1,500 lb.
                                                                                       26" x 67 /8" x 45 /8"
                                              Open Ended Steel Dumping Hopper
                                              Reduce bending and lifting motions while loading items into a hopper. This hopper will allow
                                              for convenient and orderly loading at ground level with its open front design. Flat items can be
                                              loaded so more can be put into the hopper. Rolls smoothly on 4" x 2" glass filled nylon casters,
                                              the hopper can easily be moved from one location to another. Once the hopper is full or the
                                              user has finished loading, the hopper can be easily dumped with the use of a fork truck.
                                              Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.
                                                 MODEL         UNIFORM              OVERALL SIZE         WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER        CAPACITY              (W x L x H)         (POUND)
                                               HOP-OE          2,000 lb.        54½" x 66 /16" x 53 /16"  640
                                              Steel Chute Hoppers

                                              Unit is designed for use in areas with limited space. Fixed-position hopper features a full-
                                              height front door that opens to dump the hopper contents. Door will automatically close and
                                              lock after contents have been dumped. Front door is opened with a release cable that may be
                                              operated from a safe distance. Units may be moved with assistance from a fork truck. Usable
                                              fork pockets measure 7½"W x 2½"H on 30" centers. Safety restraint is attached for securing
                                              unit to the carriage of the fork truck. Not for use with fine grain or high density materials.
                                              Welded steel construction with blue painted finish.  Uniform capacity is 2,000 pounds.
                                              Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.

                                                 MODEL       VOLUME         OVERALL SIZE      GAUGE      WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER    CUBIC YARDS       (W x L x H)      OF STEEL   (POUND)
                                               C-HOP-200       2         60½" x 56 /8" x 67"    7         806
                                               C-HOP-300       3         85 /8" x 57¼" x 67"    7         970

                                              Triple-Bin Recycling Hopper

                                              This unique Triple-Bin Recycling Hopper is designed for holding different materials.  Bins
                                              are painted three different colors; green, red, and blue, and include a manual pull-cable to
                                              dump from the seat of a fork truck.  Each bin may be dumped independently and returns
                                              to upright position when lowered to the ground.  Includes a safety strap to secure hopper to
                                              forklift.  Poly lids are sold separately, see page 181.  Hoppers have a baked-in powder-coated
                                              toughness.  Each bin holds up to 1/2 cubic yard of material.  Maximum total weight capacity
                                              is 2,000 pounds evenly distributed.

                                                 MODEL       OVERALL SIZE      INDIVIDUAL BIN   UNIFORM   WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER       (W x L x H)      SIZE (W x L x H)  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                               ENVIR-BIN  80 /16" x 57 /16" x 27 /8"  24" x 46 /16" x 23 /16"  2,000 lb.  900
                                          Shown with optional poly
                                          lids, available separately.
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