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          Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotators
          Easily transport and rotate 55 gallon steel drums using a fork truck. Each unit is provided with a 15
          foot long chain to allow the drum to be rotated up to 360° from the fork truck operator's seat. Fork
          pockets measure 7⅝"W x 2⅝"H usable, except DCR-205-8 and DCR-205-15 usable is 7"W.
          DC powered units include two (2) 12V batteries, on-board charger, and hand held control on
          a 4 foot to 20 foot long coil cord. Safety restraint is used to secure unit to fork truck. Bung Nut
          Wrench, model BNW-I, is included.
               MODEL       CRANK TURNS     DRUM RESTRAINT    UNIFORM   WEIGHT                     model DCR-205-15
               NUMBER     PER 90° ROTATION    METHOD         CAPACITY  (POUND)
           DCR-205-8          10           33" CHAIN         800 lb.   222
           DCR-205-15         10           33" CHAIN       1,500 lb.   228
           DCR-205-20          15      DUAL RATCHET STRAP   2,000 lb.   229
           12V DC POWERED
           DCR-205-8-DC        --           36" CHAIN         800 lb.   361                                        DRUM HANDLING EQUIPMENT & SPECIALTY CONTAINERS
           DCR-205-12-DC       --           36" CHAIN       1,200 lb.   426
           DCR-R-HC             HAND CRANK (IN PLACE OF PULL CHAIN)      1                        model DCR-205-12-DC
           RRC-2PB            WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL use w/DC units     1
          Plastic & Fiber Drum Adapters and Other Upgrades

          Designed to hold and support fiber and plastic drums. The FDA-550 (adjusting arms) or the
          FDA-800 (adjusting arms with nylon strap) unit must be utilized in conjunction with models
          HDC-305, DCR-205, DCR-110, and DCT.
          Model FDA-800 comes complete with both an adjusting arm (FDA-550) and a high strength
          nylon strap (FDA-250). Works with steel, plastic, and fiber drums measuring 12" to 21" in
          diameter and 28" to 36" high.
          Model FDC-30, attaches to the inner rim of the drum saddle so a 30 gallon steel, fiber, or poly
          drum can be used. In any application where it is used with fiber or poly drums, it MUST BE   NYLON STRAP  ADJUSTING ARM
          used in conjunction with the adjusting arms (either the FDA-550 or FDA-800 models).  model FDA-250  model FDA-550
          Dual Ratchet Strap, model FDRS, accommodates 30 and 55 steel gallon drums.
             MODEL                                          ACCOMMODATES   WEIGHT
             NUMBER                 DESCRIPTION               DRUM TYPE  (POUND)
           FDA-800   FIBER DRUM ADAPTER (INCLUDES FDA-550 & FDA-250)  P, F, S  14
           FDA-550   ADJUSTING ARM (SOLD SEPARATELY)          P, F, S    13
                                                                                    DUAL RATCHET STRAP  STEEL SADDLE
           FDA-250   NYLON STRAP (SOLD SEPARATELY)            STEEL       3           model FDRS    model FDC-30
           FDC-30     STEEL SADDLE                             STEEL      18
           FDRS       DUAL RATCHET STRAP (for DCT, HDC, DCR-205-DC)  STEEL  12
           FDRS-V2    DUAL RATCHET STRAP (for DCR-205 & DCR-110-55)  STEEL  24
          Fork Mounted Poly Drum Handlers                                             model FPDL-8-L
          These easy to use plastic drum handlers are designed to handle odd-shaped plastic drums. Includes
          safety restraint for securing unit to the fork truck. Baked-in powder-coated toughness.
          Model FPDL-8-L has adjustable arms that are designed to fit 55 gallon tapered round bottom
          plastic drums. Low drum attachment point allows for use with both open and closed head drums.
          A ratchet strap is supplied to secure the drum to the unit when traveling over rough terrain.
          Model FPDL-11-H is a top lip plastic drum lifter for use with 30 and 55 gallon plastic closed head
          drums. 7½" wide x 2½" high usable fork pockets on 20½" centers. High drum attachment point
          for use with top lip at least  /16" high. Will also work with steel and fiber drums.
              MODEL                      UNIFORM        OVERALL SIZE    WEIGHT
             NUMBER      DESCRIPTION     CAPACITY        (W x L x H)   (POUND)                       model FPDL-11-H
           FPDL-8-L    BOTTOM GRIP       800 lb.    29½" x 54¼" x 22 /8"  235
           FPDL-11-H     TOP GRIP      1,100 lb.    28½" x 48 /8" x 22 /8"  196
          Deluxe Combination Fork Mounted Drum Lifter
          Deluxe Combination Fork Mounted Drum Lifter includes attachments to lift any type of drum;
          30 and 55 gallon, steel, plastic, fiber.  Designed exclusively for lifting closed and open head steel
          drums with a secured lid installed.  Includes single Eagle Beak™ unit and both bottom and top
          lip Poly Drum Lifters.  Uniform capacity will vary depending on which attachment you  use. The
          usable fork pockets are 7½" wide by 2½" high on 20½" centers.  Includes a safety restraint for   model DFDL-3
          securing unit to fork truck.  Welded steel construction.  Baked-in powder-coated toughness. A
          ratchet strap is supplied to secure the drum to the unit when traveling over rough terrain.
              MODEL           ACCEPTABLE             OVERALL SIZE      WEIGHT
             NUMBER           DRUM SIZE               (W x L x H)      (POUND)
           DFDL-3          30 & 55 GALLON         29" x 46 /8" x 28¾"   332
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