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                                                  Pallet Rack Back Guards

                                                  Minimize the potential hazard of products falling out of the back of pallet rack. Attach
                                                  this steel protective shield with the included steel brackets. Spacer brackets allow guard
                                                  to be positioned 4 or 6 inches away from rack. Wire mesh is attached to 1¼" x 1¼" x ⅛"
                                                  angle frame.
                                                      MODEL            PANEL                             WEIGHT
                     PRSN-96-4                        NUMBER           LENGTH              HEIGHT        (POUND)
                                                   PRSN-96-4            96"                48½"            51
            Includes (4)                           PRSN-108-4          108"                48½"            55
            multi position spacer
            brackets with bolts                    PRSN-120-4          120"                48½"            60
                                                  Nylon Pallet Rack Netting

                                                  Minimize the potential of racked products falling off the back of pallet racks.  The nylon
                                                  mesh rope is 3/16" thick with 4" x 4" holes and is edged with polypropylene rope. Black
                                                  nylon zip ties are included for attaching netting to pallet racking. This netting is designed
                                                  for flush mounting on pallet racking. 96" high models consist of two 48" high units and
                                                  zip ties to connect them together. The holding capacity is rated at 2,500 lb.
                                                       MODEL                                             WEIGHT
                                                      NUMBER           LENGTH             HEIGHT         (POUND)
                                                   PRN-99-4�            99"                48"             7
                                                   PRN-99-8�            99"                96"            12
                                                   PRN-111-4�           111"               48"             8
                        model PRN-111-8            PRN-111-8�           111"               96"            13
                                                   PRN-123-4�           123"               48"             9
                                                   PRN-123-8�           123"               96"            14

                                                  Pallet Rack Lifting Dolly

                                                  Designed for moving empty fully-assembled pallet racking.  Lifting dolly jack includes
                                                  hydraulic pump to raise pallet rack frame.  Frame must have low cross-bar for proper
                                                  usage.  Safety strap is used to secure lifting dolly to pallet rack frames.  Steel construction
                                                  with painted finish.  Optional dollies are used to hold frame feet.
                                                       MODEL                                UNIFORM      WEIGHT
                                                      NUMBER            DESCRIPTION         CAPACITY     (POUND)
                                                   PRRJ-10-D�       LIFTING DOLLY JACK      750 lb.       120
                model PRRJ-10-D       model PRRJ-DOL  PRRJ-DOL       PAIR OF DOLLIES      500 lb. each    55

                                                  Pallet Rack Sump
                                                  Polyethylene Pallet Rack Sump keeps dangerous and costly spills off floors, equipment, and
                                                  inventory.  Allows direct forklift access to wooden pallet - sump unit stays positioned in
                                                  the rack when removing pallet and drums.  Low profile design fits into warehouse racking
                                                  with minimal obstruction to adjacent storage areas.  Unit holds up to four (4) 55-gallon
                                                  drums on a standard shipping pallet.  Inside dimensions for a pallet are 49" x 49".
                                                  Model PRS-51-D comes with drain/ball valve assembly for draining liquids.
                                                     MODEL                   OVERALL SIZE  CONTAINMENT   WEIGHT
                                                    NUMBER     DESCRIPTION    (W x L x H)   CAPACITY    (POUND)
                                                   PRS-51-D   WITH DRAIN  51½" x 51½" x 12"  66 GAL.      50
                                                   PRS-51-ND   NO DRAIN   51½" x 51½" x 12"  66 GAL.      50
                     model PRS-51-D

                                                  Pallet Rack Trash Bags
                                                  Control warehouse waste without using valuable floor space! Manufactured from rugged,
                                                  waterproof polyester material, the unit has three handles to help with emptying.  "S"
                                                  hooks are included for hanging the bag on pallet rack end frames. Other colors and
                                                  printed messages available, contact factory.
                                                          MODEL        BAG SIZE AT TOP   BAG SIZE AT BOTTOM   WEIGHT
                                                         NUMBER            (W x H)     (W x H)    BAG COLOR  (POUND)
                                                   PRTD-TB-BK�           37" x 40"    25" x 40"    BLACK     2
                                                   PRTD-TB-BK-5PK�       37" x 40"    25" x 40"    BLACK     9
                                                   PRTD-TB-BU-CWL-5PK*   37" x 40"    25" x 40"    BLUE      9
                       model PRTD-TB-BK           *BLUE BAGS WITH WHITE LETTERING "PLASTIC ONLY"
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