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12                           The Trailer Lock Systems are designed for installation directly in front of the loading dock. The electric
       LOADING DOCK EQUIPMENT            hydraulic system captures the ICC bar on the back of semi-trailers. To ensure maximum safety the
                                         Trailer Lock Systems
                                                                   115V 1-PHASE

                                         unit comes standard with an accumulator that allows the lock to follow the trailer up and down as it is
                                         loaded/unloaded. A beeper and flashing light warns the operator if the lock does not engage the trailer
                                         properly. A visual indication of the restraints status is shown at all times by the traffic light outside and
                                         the control panel inside. It comes standard with light package, control panel, and three (3) large visual
                                         signs. Draw pull shear strength is 22,500 pounds per foot.

                                                           Electric Hydraulic, Polypropylene Light Pkg. 115V, 1 PH
                                                           Electric Hydraulic, Polypropylene LED Light Pkg. 115V, 1 PH
                                                           Hand Pump Hydraulic, Aluminum Light Package
                                          TL-200-HP-F-S    Electric Hydraulic, Aluminum Light Pkg. 115V, 1 PH  470
                                                           Hand Pump Hydraulic, Polypropylene Light Package
                            model TL-100-F  Dock Traffic Systems
                          w/Aluminum Light Pkg.
                                         Our Dock Traffic Systems feature flashing red and green lights. Prevent accidents and injuries by
                                         providing clear communication between dock personnel and truck drivers. Built-in eyebrow type
                                         sun visors increase light visibility.
                                         Deluxe, model DTS-10, consists of one (1) yellow aluminum traffic light with both a green and
                                         red lens (for outside), and an illuminated push-button control (for inside). Light measures 14"W
                                         x 21¾"H and features an 8" hood over each lens (recommended for west and south exposure). 60
                                         Watt. 115V AC. Four (4) procedure signs are included.  Features incandescent lights.
            ALUMINUM  POLYPROPYLENE  LED LIGHTS   Economy, model DTS-5, comes with two (2) yellow polypropylene traffic lights, 6½"W x 11½"H, each
              DTS-10    DTS-5    DTS-5-LED
                                         having a green and a red lens. The light containing a toggle switch is placed inside the dock area for the
                                         dock attendant and the other is placed outside for the truck driver. Four (4) signs are included. LED
            CAUTION  CAUTION          CAUTION  model never needs bulb replacements.
              ENTER    DEPART        DEPART
               ON       ON         ON
              GREEN    GREEN        GREEN      MODEL                                                      WEIGHT
              LIGHT     LIGHT       LIGHT     NUMBER                 DESCRIPTION               POWER      (POUND)
              ONLY      ONLY        ONLY
                                          DTS-10�          Aluminum Housing, Incandescent Lights  115V, 1 Phase  30
              Inside   Outside  Outside
                                          DTS-5�         Polypropylene Housing, Incandescent Lights  115V, 1 Phase  9
                                          DTS-5-LED�        Polypropylene Housing, LED Lights  115V, 1 Phase  8
                                          DTS-5-LED-12DC    Polypropylene Housing, LED Lights  12V DC       8
                                          DTS-5-LED-24DC    Polypropylene Housing, LED Lights  24V DC       8
                                          DTS-5-LED-220V     Polypropylene Housing LED Lights  220V, 1 Phase  8
                                        Weather Stripping (for pit mounted dock levelers)
                                        The dock leveler Weather Stripping keeps out pests and rodents and maintains the proper working
                                        environment. The kit includes: two (2) precut side strips, one (1) precut foam insulator for the rear of
                                        the pit, and installation hardware.
                                        The Dual Vinyl has a white dual-seal that attaches to the side of dock levelers with self-tapping sheet
                                        metal screws. The replacement vinyl slides into extruded channel that is attached with self-tapping screws.
                                        The easy to install Brushes bolt on to the aluminum extrusion sides of the leveler.  Then simply slide
                          DUAL VINYL    brushes into aluminum extrusion channel.
                          series WS-DV
                                                  MODEL          LENGTH                MODEL           LENGTH
                                                 NUMBER        (PIT / STRIP)           NUMBER         (PIT / STRIP)
                                           DUAL VINYL  WS-5-DV�  50" / 41"     REPLACEABLE   VINYL  WS-5-RV�  50" / 42"
                                                                                                      62" / 54"
                                                                62" / 53"
                                             WS-8-DV�           85" / 77"         WS-8-RV�            85" / 78"
                                             WS-10-DV�         110" / 101"        WS-10-RV�          110" / 102"
                                                  MODEL        (PIT / STRIP)            NUMBER        (PIT / STRIP)
                                           1" REPLACEABLE   BRUSH  WS-5-RB-1�  50" / 42"  1-1/2"   REPLACEABLE  BRUSH  WS-5-RB-1.5�  50" / 42"
                                                                62" / 54"
                                                                                                      62" / 54"
                          BRUSH               WS-8-RB-1�        85" / 78"           WS-8-RB-1.5�      85" / 78"
                          series WS-RB        WS-10-RB-1�      110" / 102"          WS-10-RB-1.5�    110" / 102"
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