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186                                 Fork Truck Mounted Trash Can Dumper
       FORK TRUCK ATTACHMENTS      model FM-T-DUMP  containers. This innovative product will allow a fork truck driver to lift and dump refuse

                                                Save time and reduce work-related injuries caused by lifting and dumping heavy waste
                                                containers weighing up to 1,000 pounds without ever leaving the seat of the fork truck!
                                                Secure dumper to fork truck with safety chain and run cable to driver's seat. Align trash
                                                can with dumper and lock into place. Once locked in place, transport trash can to refuse
                                                container, align, and pull chain to dump refuse container contents. Only for use with 64
                                                gallon trash can, series TH-64 or approved equal. Fork pockets are 2⅝" high by 7⅝" wide
                                                usable. Steel construction for years of dependable use.

                                                                             OVERALL SIZE
                                                                              (W x L x H)
                                                                                             1,000 lb.
                                                                                           (W x D x H)
                                                   NUMBER     (GALLONS)    40 /8" x 39 /16" x 42"  OVERALL SIZE  (POUND)
                                                 TRASH CAN
                                                 TH-64-GRN�      64        GREEN      23½" x 28½" x 39 /16"  74
                                                 TH-64-GY�       64        GRAY       23½" x 28½" x 39 /16"  74
                                                 TH-64-BLU�      64        BLUE       23½" x 28½" x 39 /16"  74
                                                Trash Can Dumper
                                                Lift, carry, and dump trash cans without leaving the seat of your fork truck.  Simple design
                                                does not have any moving parts. Includes sloped guides to center container as it rotates.
                                                Pick-up hooks adjust from 4¼" to 8¼".  Fork pockets (ID) 5 /16" wide x 2⅝" high on 30"
                               model TCD-FM-E   centers.  Welded steel construction with baked-in powder-coated toughness.  Additional
                                                trash cans available.
                                                   MODEL                     OVERALL SIZE     UNIFORM     WEIGHT
                                                  NUMBER      DESCRIPTION     (W x L x H)     CAPACITY    (POUND)
                                ADJUSTABLE       TCD-FM-E     DUMPER      36 /8" x 58 /8" x 9 /16"  500 lb.  158
                                                    MODEL      VOLUME                     OVERALL SIZE    WEIGHT
                                                   NUMBER      (GALLONS)   COLOR           (W x D x H)    (POUND)
                                                 TRASH CAN
                                                 TH-64-GRN�      64       GREEN       23½" x 28½" x 39 /16"  74
                                                 TH-64-GY�       64        GRAY       23½" x 28½" x 39 /16"  74
                                                 TH-64-BLU�      64        BLUE       23½" x 28½" x 39 /16"  74
                                                Pallet Dumper/Retainer
                                                Dump loaded pallets easily without leaving the seat of your fork truck with the all welded
                                                steel Pallet Dumper/Retainer. Unit slides onto forks and is secured by a safety restraint. Two
            model PAL-D/R                       retainers hold the pallet in place while dumping the contents into a hopper or dumpster.
                                                Once the retainers have cleared the opposite end of the pallet, raise the forks and the
                                                retainers will hold the pallet on the forks. Lift the pallet to the dumping height and rest the
                                                pallet on the edge of the dumpster. Pull the chain, releasing the fork carriage, allowing the
                                                pallet to tilt, and dump the load into the hopper or dumpster. When finished, simply lower
                                                to the ground until the carriage latches.
                                                   MODEL    FORK POCKETS  FORK       OVERALL    UNIFORM   WEIGHT
                                                   NUMBER     (W x H)     LENGTH     WIDTH      CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                                 PAL-D/R�    7½" x 2½"     52"        33"       2,000 lb.  300
                                                Fork Truck Floor Scraper
                                                Designed to turn your fork truck into a floor scraper. Works well in paint and finish rooms
                                                for removing over sprayed paint from floors. Simply slide fork into opening and attach
                                                safety restraint to carriage for safety. Features hardened scraping blade for long life and
                                                durability. Blade is mounted in pivot assembly to allow it to raise up with contact against a
                                                crack or rise in the floor. Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Painted finish.
                                                    MODEL      BLADE      OVERALL SIZE     USABLE FORK   WEIGHT
                                  model SCRAPE-1
                                                   NUMBER      WIDTH       (W x L x H)    OPENING (W x H)  (POUND)
                                                 SCRAPE-1       12"     13" x 36 /8" x 8 /16"  9¼" x 3¼"  162
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